Bevadine Zoma Terrell

Mixed Media Artist

Hi, I'm Bev,

Memories of strong female role models, people, places, and events in my life are important and inspiring to me. “All that I am is because of them”. I have created a collection of artworks that I call “My Coloured Girls” in honor of these memories made past and present. My artistic creations embody and display history, womanhood, spiritual energy, peace, love, emotion, power, strength, and calmness. As stated by SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kelly) “The circle of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we are weak and sing with us when we are strong.”

I am using “Mixed Media” to bring my memories to life. A variety of materials and processes are being utilized to embellish and adorn each art piece. I am using Papier Mache to create my facial images. For adornment and embellishment, synthetic and glass beads and stones, metal, wood and mirrored pieces and other organic and inorganic items are being used. The circle is a prominent shape throughout my artwork. It is being used to exhibit feelings of continuity, unity, wholeness, strength and continuous energy. The subject matter of each “Coloured Girl” is described in a short, written vignette and or a pictorial display.  The work draws the viewer in close and reading the accompanying written vignettes or viewing a pictorial display, will draw the viewer in even closer.

Art has provided me with a visual platform to artistically share my memories, stories, creative energies and experiences with the world.



                                                                                                        - Bevadine Zoma Terrell